3 Mind-Blowing Facts Your Doctor Refuses To Tell You About "Your" Cancer Diagnosis

Eliminating Your Health Problems Is Possible With An Extremely Short Commute

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Uncover the unconventional pathways to rid your body of disease that have been buried by decades of false information, coersed media, and an unwillingness to question the status quo. Ask any question you'd like and I'll supply the natural answer without drugs or the need to visit a hospital (if it's not an emergency).


The Book 'Eat Butter, Smoke Marijuana, Kill Cancer, and Live To 100!' will answer some of the more pressing questions most are afraid to pose to their doctors, like...


  • What is the doctor doing while you wait (naked) in the exam room for 45 minutes?
  • How can cancer be so prevalent in our society, while traditional medicine says it's just "unfortunate"? 
  • Why have we followed doctors recommendations when this demographic only live an average of 56 years?!
  • Did you know that blood pressure has been taken incorrectly for over 80 years! We still use the same method 'til this day!
  • This and more will be revealed in this webinar. Bring your questions...just be ready for the truth.